ESCAPE is our newest international project concerning cybersecurity, more precisely – side channel security. It is an international venture co-financed by NCBR as a result of 7th Polish-Taiwanese call for bilateral projects in frame of Poland-Taiwan cooperation. 

Basic information:

  • Project title in Polish: Ewaluacja potencjału ataków side-channel na urządzeniach wbdowanych
  • Project title in English: Evaluation of Side Channel Attack Potential on Embedded targets
  • Decision number: DWM/POLTAJ7/12/2020
  • Project number: PL-TW/VII/5/2020
  • Time frame: 01.07.2020 – 30.06.2023
  • Project leader: Witold Waligóra
  • Contact:
  • Polish contractors: Emcore Sp. z o.o., Wrocław University of Science and Technology
  • Foreign contractors: Academia Sinica, Chelpis Co., Ltd.



ESCAPE is about evaluating and replicating several side-channel attacks and countermeasure publications in a realistic setting. The evaluation shall include attacks against commonly used symmetric schemes (DES, AES), asymmetric encryption and signature schemes (RSA, ECDSA) as well as post-quantum schemes. The latter have received wide attention from the cryptologic research community recent years. Market-leading embedded processors such as ARM and RISC-V will be targeted. We shall focus on low-cost approach with practical consequences to small and medium research institutions and businesses – ones who cannot afford the cost of full certification. The results shall include a collection of successful attacks against selected schemes as well as techniques to prevent these attacks, all adapted to current market conditions, common hardware and software.

The general goal of the project is to significantly reduce the complexity and cost of side-channel research and evaluation and, in turn, lowering the cost of hardening commercial products against side-channel attacks. Specific goals: 

  • demonstrate the level of security (or lack thereof) of off-the-shelf solutions 
  • provide methods of reproduction, including detailed instructions, for each attack selected in this project 
  • devise methods to evaluate and increase level of side-channel security of the off the-shelf and in-house security solutions
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